About Us

About us:

National Recycling specialises in the recycling and collection of cardboard and paper material. Our business provides a network of regional collectors for smaller loads of material; full container or trailer loads are shipped directly to paper mills in the UK or rest of Europe. We deal with all different grades of paper and cardboard, this includes:

  • OCC and KLS
  • Mixed Papers
  • News & Pams Grade (Newspapers & Pamphlets)
  • Magazines
  • Office white paper
  • Other paper grades

Our B2B Service:

We work with businesses from all different sectors to help slash costs, increase recycling rates and reduce carbon footprint. Our range of machinery has been procured from years of experience, testing various suppliers for reliability, value and durability.

Our experienced team are on hand to advise on the most suitable solution to meet the desired objectives. All our equipment can be purchases, leased or rented depending on each of our customer’s requirements. The full range of balers can be found HERE


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