Daily City Cardboard Art Festival


Art lovers in Orlando, Florida were treated to one of the world’s premier cardboard art shows last weekend. The event, which was in it’s third year, was a huge success for all involved. Plans for the fourth year will probably be underway soon, but a big rest and congratulations to those involved is in order!

Over the three years of the Daily City Cardboard Art Festival, artists and visitors alike have seen it grow exponentially from a small crowd of interested folk, to a wider audience from all parts of the community. The open gallery is used for people to walk around and see all of the sculptures, installations, props and paintings that the local artists have put together, but this year there has been a concerted effort to get people involved.

Workshops were put on, mostly for children, to inspire their creativity, using cardboard! The kids were making all sorts of things, like sharks, rockets and pretty paintings. All of this contributed to the final result, a colourful and interactive place to walk around and enjoy over the four day event. There were comedy events put on, and even a DJ!

The community came together to show that cardboard is useful, it’s important and it should not be treated like general rubbish. As well as the potential for cardboard recycling, it’s important to show kids that they can have fun with the packaging that their toys come in!

Some of the pieces on show included a crime scene where a giant banana had crushed Carmen Miranda (I don’t know where people come up with this stuff), a reconstruction of the twin towers as a tribute to the 9/11 tragedy, a large submarine with accompanying fish, and a homeless person with messages that extinguish judgemental thoughts, as well as many more.


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Here’s a Facebook album containing photos of the art pieces

Here’s the Facebook page for the event (which has now passed, but people are still uploading photos)