Cardboard Is King, Poll Finds


A recent poll by the CPI, Confederation of Paper Industries, found that cardboard is the preferred material of packaging for British consumers. The material just edged ahead of polystyrene, with 40% of the vote to 37%, with plastic falling in third with 7%.

The question asked which packaging materials offered ‘the best solution for their purchases to reach them in pristine condition’.

The victory for cardboard, our favourite material too, came as the combination of results for two questions. With cardboard winning the first question, a second one was asked, ‘which packaging material is the easiest to recycle after receiving the product?’. Those polled voted unanimously for cardboard, 55%, and paper, 30%. Polystyrene received just one percent of the vote, as it is notoriously difficult to recycle domestically (due to contamination and markets).

Retailers should consider these results and edit the way they package material, especially considering the positive feelings towards cardboard recycling. Many consumers are already annoyed annoyed at the amount of unnecessary packaging that is used purely for display purposes. For example, items that come in a cardboard box, but are still packaged in plastic when the box is opened!

As an advocate of cardboard and cardboard recycling, we can only state how encouraging this news is for the industry, and should serve as an indicator for supply chains and consumer buying habits.

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