Hounslow’s Cardboard Tower


If you want to see an example of the amazing things that can be done with cardboard, look no further than Hounslow, London.

French artists Olivier Grossetete appealed to the public to help him build ‘The People’s Tower’, a remake of the Kew Bridge Water Tower. Families, students and 500 civilians of all shapes and sizes took part to build the tower in Bell Square, at the end of Hounslow High Street on July 18th.

The tower was a triumph, successfully replicating the Kew Bridge Water Tower, that can be found at the London Museum of Steam & Water in Brentford. What goes up, must come down, and less than a day after completion, the cardboard construction was ceremoniously pulled to the ground.

Not just the start of the card art

Grossetete’s piece was just the latest in a line of scrap structures across Europe, designed to help people reflect on the symbolism of architecture. We also like to think that it points out the importance of cardboard recycling. If you consider that all of these hundreds, perhaps thousands of boxes, were once trees living happily in a forest, before being cut down, it makes the destruction of the tower even more symbolic. With cardboard recycling, trees can be saved from a deathly fate.

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