Cardboard Recycling Art: Valencian Elephant


A cardboard recycling installation has popped up in Valencia, Spain, at the Fallas Festival. Created from more than 6,000 cardboard tubes, Studio Nutuniyo have created a life sized elephant, with a cool interactive feature.

Usually, artwork at the Fallas Festival is kept separate from the festivalgoers, but this piece was different. The cardboard recycling installation was built up in a cell pattern, with tubes stuck to tubes. What the creative team asked people to do was write their dreams on coloured paper and push them inside the tubes. The effect of this was that the elephant changed colour through the festival!

Choosing an Elephant as the animal for display was not only because it is a recognizable creature, but because it is large, and allowed for more cardboard recycling. The end for this elephant was not so environmentally friendly, with the Spanish tradition of burning things taking place. In some places in the world, burning the dreams of people is quite a savage thing to do, but not in Valencia, it’s a symbol of good luck!

Poor Nelly!

Warning: following GIF may upset Elephant loving small children (and adults), those concerned with air pollution and also anyone else who is easily offended.

Photo credit

Elephant Builders


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