Kenyans Recycling Paper Into Pencils


Kenyan recyclers ‘Green Pencils’ are making waves around the world with their mission to send out bold messages through recycling paper into pencils and pens. To offset a growing population and the many environmental changes that they are facing, the idea is designed to reduce the felling of trees and reduce the reliance on plastics for the billions of pens and pencil use annually.

Their website asks us:

“Did you ever imagine that something as ordinary, and small as a pencil, can have such a big negative impact on our environment? Plastics are like diamonds; they last forever. They are durable, therefore they can provide services for many decades. However, plastic pens are often quickly discarded after their short use-life span. The pens then end up at the garbage dump where they will exist for centuries”

Recycling paper protects trees in endangered rainforests and helps the world’s economies become more circular. It’s evidently more beneficial the help paper see life for a second time, rather than burn it or send it to landfill. In Green Pencil’s case, the paper, which they collect for recycling, goes through several patented processes before it is wrapped to form the solid outer pencil. The final layer is branded for marketing purposes, as the main customers for the pencils are other businesses. It’s possible to put logos, words or phrases on the outside, as you would printing on paper usually, although the dimensions are far different.

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