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Mixed paper bales come in all different qualities and grades. We price each load based on the quantity of higher grade paper vs. lower grade. Material is valued by sending us 10-12 good quality photos of the load or a site visit to perform an inspection. We supply paper mills directly with full loads whereas smaller quantities are collected and sent to a regional recycling centre.

Mill size bales will attract a higher rebate value as our end users can take this material directly. Smaller bale sizes can still command a rebate however, speak to one of our team to find out more.


Need a baler?

We can provide a whole range of recycling equipment to suit your requirements. From small single phase machines right the way up to mill size balers, check out our machinery page HERE.


How much can we expect to be paid for mixed paper bales?

Unlike many other materials, it depends on the percentage of different paper grades within the bales. We can provide pricing once photos are send through to our purchasing team. A site visit maybe be required for ongoing volumes.

What are the payment terms?

Usually payment terms are on 30 days from receipt of invoice. For regular loads of material, we can arrange faster payments and our purchasing team will be happy to discuss this.

How much material do we need to store before a collection?

The higher weight of material collected, the more we can pay. Full loads are usually expected to be 20 tonnes or more however, smaller collections can be made through our logistics network. Our team can help you work out the most viable option.

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