Newspaper Recycling

Newspaper Recycling


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Whilst the volume of newspaper waste is decreasing in today’s digital world, we still have demand for this material once it’s baled and ready for collection. Full trailer loads of this material can be transported directly to paper mills for newspaper recycling, providing that the bales are of mill size specification. We can also collect bales of newspaper waste combined with other grades of paper and cardboard.

Smaller loads of material are taken to a regional recycling hub. From here they are bulked and finally sent directly to a paper mill. Newspaper recycling is a great way to deliver both cost and environmental savings.



How much do you pay for baled newspaper waste?

We pay current market rates however it can also depend on volume, weight and location of the material. Our purchasing team will be happy to give a price once they’ve viewed the material through good quality photos or a site visit.

Can we deliver our waste newspaper and cardboard to a depot?

Yes, this is possible. Before delivery you will need to set up an account and then receive a delivery ticket. It’s vital that ALL deliveries are accompanied by a valid ticket

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