US Paper Industry Encourages Backward Step


America is a very different place to our wonderful little island of Great Britain. As a reader, you may join us in horror when you hear that the Paper and Packaging Board, USA’s industry body, has laid out a fund of $170m (£110m) over the next seven years to get people using paper again.

This money will be used on adverts (propaganda) and marketing materials (environmental blasphemy) to encourage humans to smite our limited resources (trees) and take a huge backward step (away from technology). If the dangers of climate change (which is commonly denied in USA) and air pollution (common in USA) aren’t enough to convince you to stop deforestation (trees clean the air), then nothing really will.

Paper is great, leave it alone.

Now, we know paper is a great material, we absolutely love the stuff, it forms a major part of our business. However, we want people to recycle paper, recycle cardboard, recycle magazines and consider that bleached white virgin paper is not the answer. Ever noticed how printer paper is whiter than white? That’s because of environmentally harmful chemicals that are used to make it that way. Have you noticed how cheaper paper, perhaps in budget notepads, is more of a gray colour? That’s because it’s most likely recycled, and has been paper already.

So, what reasons would the Paper and Packaging Board have for wanting to eradicate natural resources and regress from environmentally beneficial technological advancements?

The answer: Money.

They want the paper mills to reopen, they want to get rid of the ‘be green, don’t print this email’ mentality, they want to prolong the slow death of the paper industry. If the campaign boosts paper sales just 0.35%, it will more than double the marketing investment. Paper needs to accept a reduced role and eventual fate.

How are they planning on doing it?

With emotional marketing propaganda, like the video below. The plan is to make consumers consider that there are certain things only paper can do.

All we have left to say is the old indian proverb: ‘Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.’