Recycled Cardboard ‘Boxwars’


Recycled Cardboard Creates… Boxwars!

This article starts on the other side of the world, in Australia. It involves the wonderful new ‘sport’ of Boxwars; dressing up as a warrior in an outfit made of recycled cardboard and fighting with swords and tubes.

The entertaining activity is the brainchild of friends Hoss Siegel and Ross Koger, although really, the imagination of many children invented it, these guys just regulated it. The participants are encouraged to make recycled cardboard armour, weapons, vehicles, animals and really anything that they can, and then put on a huge show of destruction!

Sounds like fun!

The Boxwars set-up began in the back garden of a house party, with everybody having such a good time that they decided to do it again and again, growing in numbers each time. Eventually, with the costumes getting more elaborate and the turnout increasing, the event had to be moved to a park. So, on boxing day 2002, they had a cardboard war in a park, and when people came over to watch, they realized they were on to something!

Koger said ‘“That was the beginning of Boxwars, and we go to the same spot every year on Boxing day! The suits, since then, have gotten more elaborate as have the crowds, and it’s funny that something which spawned from a stupid idea at a party has become so big.”

The event is not just for boxing day now, it happens at most major events and festivals in Australia and is making its way around the world. The team build props, sets, stages, armour, weapons and so much more to engage the audience into a recycled cardboard war! The team offer workshops for those who want to learn how to make good equipment.

Using recycled cardboard is really important to Hoss and Ross, with their website stating “One of our main aims is to bring cardboard back to the consumers who discarded it in the first place without realising its true potential. Cardboard, or the street name ‘box’, we quickly discovered had brilliant properties for engineering. The limits of scale and awesomeness were continuously pushed to greater commanding heights with the development of our skills with this great stuff.”

The Boxwars founders also revealed that the concept has now spread to Scotland, The Netherlands and Russia, with these groups putting on their own shows. Hoss and Ross are thrilled that the idea is taking off.

See, it’s amazing what a bit of recycled cardboard can do!