British Mill’s Project: Redefining Paper


Sleek, White, Versatile, Paper

“A creative process often starts with a white piece of paper, sketched on and discarded. But, what happens when you ask a group of artists to make white paper the beginning, middle and end of a creative project? Redefining Paper, initiated by James Cropper Paper, challenged eight creatives to separately explore the potential of white paper, with surprising results.”

We here at National Recycling love the material and all of its potential uses, so when we got wind of British Mill ‘James Cropper Paper’ launching an art project called ‘Redefining Paper’, we were very intrigued. The concept was as described above, they challenged eight creatives to see what they could do with a certain product called ‘Porcelain’. We can only hope that it all got recycled at the end…

Let’s see some of these masterpieces:

‘Helix’, by Architect James Donegan. This spiral was hand-built without any adhesives or fittings!

Paper Helix


‘Kairos’ by Rosanna and Clint, a very minimalist and stylish wall clock.

Paper Clock


‘Audire’ by Graphic Designer and Sound Artist, Daniel Reed.

Paper Art


‘Porcelain Vase’ by Product Designer Daniel Hoolahan. There are 449 rings.

Paper Vase



Furniture Designer Thomas Mills made these seats with reclaimed chair frames

Paper Furniture


Product Designer Laura Nelson managed to use origami techniques to make this lampshade, with just one single large sheet!

Paper Lampshade



Jewellery Designer Megan Ocheduszko made these durable and impressive pieces.

Paper Jewellery

The project was an insanely clever and masterful marketing move to show the ability of one of their premium product lines called Porcelain. It just goes to show that when you look a material, somebody else sees it very differently. By having eight creatives from a variety of disciplines and with a multitude of skills, they were able to show just how versatile it really is.

The final piece is ‘Beauty Over Time’ by James David Condon is a stop motion animation showing 3D sculptures.

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