Cardboard City Milan

We’ve spoken about two of the world’s most famous cardboard artisans recently, in Shigeru Ban and Olivier Grossetete. Now we’re going to talk about Argentinian-born artist Daniel González and his fabulous new cardboard construction.

In the beautiful patio of Marselleria,


Cardboard Is King, Poll Finds

A recent poll by the CPI, Confederation of Paper Industries, found that cardboard is the preferred material of packaging for British consumers. The material just edged ahead of polystyrene, with 40% of the vote to 37%, with plastic falling in


Cardboard Laptop…. For Cats

It’s no secret that cats love cardboard. Why? Well, according to researchers from Utrecht University, cardboard provides shelter and protection from predators. This level of safety causes the cats to have lower stress levels and makes them happier and more