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By selling to National Recycling, our expert service will pay your business current and competitive prices on baled cardboard and provide invaluable education to further excel your recycling endeavours. Join numerous businesses in the UK achieving maximum rebates and making waste cost and environmental savings with National Recycling.

We’ve been working in the recycling industry for years, and in that time we’ve made some great contacts. We have agents in the UK who have been buying and selling cardboard for decades. We have paper mills in the UK, Germany and China for example and we have a group of staff who are well connected. Because we are so well connected, we can have your cardboard recycled most efficiently, and pay rebates quicker than our competitors, which is essential for small businesses to keep cash flowing. Our expertise don’t end there, we use our industry knowledge to educate and inform our customers, constantly working to create valuable content, legislation updates and new partners overseas.

Our marketing team are young, invested and like to get our customers involved, so if you’d like us to write a case study about your business, that can be arranged.


It’s ideal to keep your cardboard inside, or in a locked bin, because keeping it dry and clean is most important. We allow for a maximum of 5% moisture.

We buy paper of all grades.

We can tailor our service to your waste output, call one of our account managers who will work it all out.

There are paper mills all over the world who reprocess the cardboard, we work with partners globally, most frequently in the UK, Germany and China.

Absolutely, with our recycling strategy you will reduce the need for wheelie bins, saving money on uplifts, add in the rebates from material we purchase and you can see that there are thousands to be made.

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