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We provide a national cardboard recycling service. The baled material is taken directly to one of our regional recycling hubs. From here the cardboard is sent directly to paper mills in the UK and Europe. If your company produces mill size bales, these can be sold directly to one of the paper mills. This will generate a higher rebate and reduce the carbon footprint of recycling activities.


If your business does not already bale waste cardboard, one of our team would be happy to advise on the most cost effective baler for your requirements.

In summary, our service includes:

  • Regional collection service for smaller loads
  • Full loads of mill size bales are sold directly to paper mills, maximising rebates
  • Collection of mixed loads e.g. bales of paper, plastic and cardboard on one vehicle



How much cardboard do I need to store before a collection?

This all depends on the size of bales and distance from the nearest depot. Generally speaking, collections of over 4 tonnes is required in order to receive a rebate.

Can we deliver cardboard using our own transport?

Yes this is possible. One of our account managers will provide a delivery ticket. It’s imperative that your driver presents a delivery ticket when tipping.

Can you collect cardboard which isn’t baled?

In most cases material must be baled before it’s collected. In Birmingham and parts of London we can offer a 35yd RORO container for flat packed boxes. If you need to hire or purchase a baler take a look at HERE.


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