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Alongside our core business, we also purchase scrap plastic material from all over the UK. Our sister company is one the UK’s leading plastic scrap exporters supplying end markets within the EU and Asia. We can purchase any of the following plastic materials:

LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene (usually shrink wrap and other types of film)

Rigid Plastics – Either mixed or single polymer

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene (items such as wheelie bins, buckets, under-ground pipe)

PP Sacks – Otherwise known as builders bags or tonne sacks

We can also buy more specialist grades such as PC-ABS and Polycarbonate. The plastic scrap purchasing team can advise on pricing and collection requirements. They can also assist in providing balers and other recycling equipment to maximise rebates.

Please note that material has to be baled unless it’s large rigid pieces such as utility pipe, wheelie bins etc.



Can you collect our plastic scrap with cardboard/paper bales?

Yes! This isn’t a problem, the material will be taken back to a regional bulking station where it’s containerised and sent onwards to the end user. Storing a full load of plastic and cardboard however, will generate a higher rebate.

How do I know which plastic we’re scrapping?

We can put you directly in touch with a plastic recycling specialist, they can assist.

How much is my material worth?

We’ll need to know the volume and weight of material, size of bales, material type and also good quality photos of the load. Once this information is gathered, you’ll be put in touch directly with our plastic scrap buyers.

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